About Us

tHE gRID Architects is a multi-disciplinary design firm which incorporates an array of design combinations and experiences, qualification and skills and deeply committed to excellence. The firm aims at providing complete and high-level design services for the full range of projects. We have created a team of passionate professionals under this firm and we currently employ from various respected design schools across the country. We comprise of civil engineers and architects and Interior designers who are dedicated to the satisfaction of the client and design philosophy.


Deeply interested in developing sustainable designs that are hallmarked by creativity and minimalism, Snehal has always focused on natural materials, creating schemes that are rooted to the earth and pay homage to the sky and water. A firm believer in being part of the change one would like to see in the society, he strives to create designs founded in simplicity and clarity, manifested through recycled, sustainable and natural substances. His inclusive approach invites all stakeholders to contribute in whatever measure possible towards the final outcome. For him, design is a collaborative process that includes a cross-section of disciplines; an emotional journey undertaken along with a client; and a universal entity. Which explains his sensitivity to designing public spaces keeping in mind human psychological behaviour as well as difficulties faced by the physically challenged. He is a member of the IIID body.


Bhadri is also part of an access group which undertakes the design of Barrier Free interiors and buildings according to international standards. The concept of design being universal also sees Bhadri being involved in allied creative pursuits such as furniture design, graphic design. A belief and commitment to her chosen career has seen her extending herself to activities involving the professional community and academia. She is an active member of fraternity bodies such as IIID and has helmed IIID’s SPARC magazine for the Ahmedabad Chapter. Her engagement with the academia takes her to reputed institutes such as NID and NIFT. In the former, she is helps undergraduates to understand the built environment and instructs them in construction and documentation, besides being involved with design workshops on both, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In NIFT, Bhadri was instrumental in breaking the mould of home textiles as being restricted to home linen and opened her student’s perspective to include other elements such as panelling and other interior products as canvasses for textile application. As part of her contribution towards her profession, Bhadri has also participated as jury for architectural colleges and fraternity awards.

Few achievements to be proud off

The Grid Architects’ work for Urban Oasis - Posh and Sangath Terraces has received a Platinum rating and Gold rating from IGBC, respectively. The firm’s endeavour for compelling and dynamic spaces has been validated by the recognition garnered by their work — lately the Trends Excellence 2017 Award for and CWAB 2018 West Zone winner & CWAB 2018 Noteworthy National and, earlier, the GHIED Award for Best Residential Building for Urban Oasis - Posh. Our projects have been published in several reputed magazines like TRENDS, BETTER INTERIORS, INDIAN ARCHITECTS AND BUILDERS.

Typologies of work Architecture,
Interior Design and landscape

  • Residential apartment, high rise and low rise
  • Individual bungalows, row houses, Villas.
  • Multifaceted and mix use commercial buildings, with theatre.
  • Office commercial buildings
  • 5-star resort
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and colleges, academic buildings.
  • Urban development
  • Residences, villas, apartments, banglows
  • Restaurants
  • Office
  • Hotels
  • Banquets
  • Ball rooms
  • Resorts
  • BPO
  • Schools/ colleges
  • Industrial units and factory